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EDAI, ltd. is founded on the philosophy that we have the technology to live in greater balance with Earth's systems, and this can be accomplished through holistic consideration in analysis and design.
EDAI, ltd. offers analysis, consultation, and design services ranging in scope from watershed-scale landscape assessment and design to structural design, including commercial and civic building concepts, homes, and interior and outdoor spaces, including construction drawings, drafting, other construction documents, and facilitating the permitting process. 

Rebecca Biglow


Geologist, Hydrologist

M. Arch.

Based in Salida, Colorado, founder, Rebecca Biglow, shares her experience, environmental ethic, and design ideas that are influenced by her upbringing as the 4th generation of her family in the Upper Arkansas Valley of Colorado, living the Pacific Northwest, and well as her world travels.

Rebecca offers 22 years of experience in watershed and natural resource management with an emphasis in the physical sciences, working across the nation and overseas.

Rebecca holds a Master of Architecture degree from the University of Oregon, and her work in natural resources informs and inspires her architectural design in building styles, sensitivity to surrounding context, and environmental values.


Rebecca holds a Bachelor's Degree in Geology and a Master of Architecture Degree.

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