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​Watershed | Geologic Hazards | Landscape 

Geologic Hazard Assessment

  • Development Suitability
  • Risk Assessment
  • Risk Management


Emergency & Disaster Response for Watershed and Infrastructure Concerns

  • Burned Area Emergency     Response (BAER): Hydrologic and Geologic Assessment and Treatment Implementation
  • Flood Mitigation & Repair
  • Quantifying expected runoff before and after landscape changes such as wildland fire.
  • Designing protection of threatened infrastructure
  • Slope stability solutions
  • Cost estimating

Road Decommissioning

When a greater degree of landscape restoration is desired, complete decommissioning of roads may be the best option.


  • Design
  • Cost estimating
  • Inspection
​Watershed Assessment
Water Quality Assessment

  • ​Watershed Management Plans
  • Broad- or small-scale analysis of impacts and possible mitigations of impacts in a watershed
  • Water quality testing

Road & Trail Design
  • Water-way and wetland protection
  • Improvements to reduce maintenance and costs
  • Alignment planning
  • Stream crossing design

GIS Analysis

Geographic Information System - utilizing digital spatial data to calculate results and create mapping products.

An essential tool employed at EDAI in most landscape and watershed projects

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